Khalid Muneer

Orange County Property Appraiser

Trust - Transparency - Accountability

Khalid Muneer has been a very active and visible business and community leader for the past 27 years as a Florida resident. He is the founder of his real estate brokerage company Jupiter Properties Inc. and previously spent 17 years in Banking and finance. Muneer’s experiences have enabled him to excel in today’s rapidly changing and ultra-competitive real estate industry where inclusiveness and Diversity is a strength that allows people to think in different ways and his real estate agents are from 18 different countries speaking 17 different languages.

Muneer as an active community leader that has voluntarily taken the lead on issues at both the local and state levels with appointments to boards and commissions where policy issues are impacting everyone.   In Central  Florida he has made significant contributions to the human infrastructure of the area by serving as the President of various business Chambers, on the executive committee of the Orlando economic development commission as well as on the Board of nonprofit organizations such as the Harbor House. In running for public office as the Orange county property appraiser, Muneer wants to bring back the credibility and trustworthiness of the office which has been eroded over the years.

He’s been married to his wife, Shabnam, for 39 years and together they have five children.



Trust - Honest and fair appraisals must be calculated to a level of pristine accuracy. A property’s appraisal could be the difference between the beginning of a new family or the loss of community members.

Transparency - All office activity should be freely available to the public without reservation. When the well-being of our community is rooted in the local market, this becomes the responsibility of the appraiser’s office.

Accountability - A thorough understanding of our local market is essential in making key decisions that affect our community. The highest level of accountability is needed at the appraiser’s office to accomplish this.



2295 S Hiawassee Road Suite 213, Orlando, FL 32835




Political advertisement paid for and approved by Khalid Muneer, Democrat for Orange County Property Appraiser.